DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

New Rush!

Damn it Google Play, why don't you have Rush's new album "Clockwork Angels"? The store isn't going to be very successful if i have to go to Amazon or iTunes for anything new. And speaking of steampunk stuff, why don't you have any Abney Park either? I'm sure this isn't a unilateral decision you can make on your own, but whatever hoops you need to jump through to get this resolved you really need to working on it.

Damn it everyone else, how could you not tip me off that Rush's new album came out a couple weeks ago? I mean, i know i'm the one who's supposed to be on top of these things (and i did know it was coming out _sometime_ this summer, which is why i got the brainstorm to check today) but i've been a bit distracted lately, and there are at least a couple others who should have been clued in :)

Clockwork Angels title track
Tags: rush

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