DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Exercise and Weight

Okay, either i did a lot more climbing action that i thought i did on tuesday, or while i was dancing at Bondage Ball i managed to wave my arms around in a way that impacted the same muscles. Because two days later my arms are still a little sore.

And to avoid making yet another twitter-length post, let's talk about weight!

06-28: 190.4 lbs - 48.7 lbs fat - 25.6% fat - 27.5 BMI
06-29: 193.0 lbs - 50.2 lbs fat - 26.1% fat - 27.9 BMI
06-30: 192.4 lbs - 49.9 lbs fat - 26.0% fat - 27.8 BMI
07-01: 189.6 lbs - 48.2 lbs fat - 25.5% fat - 27.4 BMI
07-02: 190.7 lbs - 48.9 lbs fat - 25.7% fat - 27.6 BMI
07-03: 190.6 lbs - 48.9 lbs fat - 25.7% fat - 27.6 BMI
07-04: 188.6 lbs - 47.5 lbs fat - 25.3% fat - 27.3 BMI
07-05: 193.5 lbs - 50.6 lbs fat - 26.2% fat - 28.0 BMI

So no big gain from AX! Yay! Also a big drop after climbing and dancing that i quickly "recovered" from. I'd say i must have been really dehydrated the next day, but the skin pinch test didn't seem to indicate so. Maybe i just don't know how to do it right?

The spreadsheet is here of course.
Tags: exercise

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