DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Some Random observations about Anime Expo

Still working on next main AX post, got distracted by 4th of July stuff that i should also post about. (Gah! Need more time for stuff and things! I wish i could write at a decent speed!)

So in the meantime, here are some general observations that don't really fit into a specific day's recap.

There was a lot of My Little Pony stuff, shocking absolutely no one who's been paying any attention to current geek culture.

There were a lot of people with blue-grey skin and rainbow orange horns, not sure what they were from.

There was a fair amount of Adventure Time stuff.

There were both cosplayers and a panel for Homestuck, some webcomic i've never heard of before.

There was someone wandering around with a sign saying "X Games ruined Anime Expo" or something like that. Uh, WTH? We were in completely different "buildings" with no simple connection between the two. The only impact i saw was having to make a slight or moderate detour (depending on which way you went) to get to either the restaurants or hotels to the north, and we were short one outdoor patio. We had to do the main events in Hall G instead of in the Nokia theatre, but honestly that wasn't a huge loss. Honestly I was fine with the non-stadium seating in exchange for not having to deal with the metal detectors. So what's the problem dude? Did some X Game attendees sneak into AX and kill your family or something?
Tags: anime, cons, conventions, random

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