DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Bondage Ball

Tomorrow night is the annual "Bondage Ball" and i really can't figure out if i should go or not.

Reason's to go:

There will probably be cute girls there
Some of them will probably be wearing very little
One of the three dance floors is going to be Dungeon themed. As in the old awesome Dungeon club that existed way back when before they lost their lease(?) and got replaced with a yuppy club =P
It's open till 3am and there's no work the next day

Reason's not to go:

I probably won't talk to any of the cute girls
The tickets were $22 last i checked, and may go up if i buy them the day of the event, assuming there are even any left
It's at some venue i don't think i've ever been to before (looks like some place called the Belasco) so i'd have to figure out new navigation and parking, which is always slightly stressful
I just got three nights of dancing in at AX (even if i didn't get to dance as long as i wanted for most of those nights)
I could go climbing with doctorskuld instead

Really not sure what to do. Of course if i was really gung-ho i could go climbing and then go straight to the club, but i'm not sure if i could pull that off or not :)

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