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AX 2012 AMV Contest

First, the one awesome thing they did this year was hand out a two part ballot. The top tear-away part had multiple little grids you could use to color in your favorite for each category, plus a box for the best of show. The much larger bottom part listed every single AMV, complete with title, creator, music, and (generally) anime used! That almost makes up for the four hours of waiting in line for tickets =P

Unfortunately they didn't provide a list for the pre-show AMVs, which apparently included a lot of the submissions that didn't make the finals. Which is sad, because at least one of them really should have replaced one of the so-so Comedy videos =P I manged to write some of those down, but no all of them.

Overall it was a slightly strange year. I thought pretty much all the Drama and Action videos were worth watching. As usual a number of videos were miscategorized, but they were still worth watching. The "Random/Fun" category was half trailers, only one of which i found moderately interesting. I didn't really like half the Comedy videos, and although the AMTV Pro videos were all decent, i'm not sure they all qualified as "Pro" in my opinion.

Things i learned:

"Another" is apparently incredibly violent.
"Sengoku Basara" is apparently incredibly insane. Looks like Sengokua era battles combined with Dragon Ball Z/Naruto level duels.
"Ride Back" is potentially awesome. Imagine an early stage exoskeleton modled after a Macross variable fighter, except instead of being able to change between a jet form and a mech form, it can change between a motorcycle form and a mech with rollerblades form :)

But anyways, the AMVs:

Pre-Show (the few i can remember, and the links are mostly non-verified educated guesses)

Once Upon A Time in Russia. (_Very_ worth checking out)
Bending Inferno (Also very worth checking out. )
I Freaking Love Digimon
Reunite Without Fail (This might be the right video? Not 100% sure.)
Your Daily Dose of Potassium

Actual contest AMVs

(I may add links for these later, but don't really have time right now. Also, i don't know avbout anyone else, but you're gonna recognize more than one of these videos jmpava :)


D1 - Magic Eye - Shin ("No Light, No Light" by Florence & The Machine - Stein's Gate)
D2 - Enchanted - AimoAio ("Enchanted" by Owl City - Kimi ni Todoke)
D3 - Fairytale of Lies - RiderG ("Faster" by Within Temptation - Romeo X Juliet)
D4 - Beaten Down - Moonlight Soldier ("Annie" by The Safetysuit - Kimi ni Todoke)
D5 - Lum's New Love Song - L33TMEATWAD ("Love you Like a Love Song" by Selena Gomez - Urusei Yatsura)
D6 - Dreamer - Radical Yue ("The Creationist" by Kerli - Card Captor Sakura)
D7 - Friends Forever - Melichan923 ("Here's to the Night" by Eve 6 - Ano Hana)
D8 - Twelve Swords - Chosen Exiled ("Stairway to the Skies" by Within Temptation - Katanagatari)


A1 - Your Perfect World - irriadin ("The Best It's Gonna Get" by Celldweller - Black Lagoon)
A2 - Written in the Spirals - Shin ("Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah ft Mark Turner - Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann)
A3 - Naruto Ball Z Shippuden: Heroes Come Back - Random Destination Studios ("The Biggest Fight" by Kageyama Hironobu - Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden)
A4 - Riot!!! - Truffle Pig Studios ("Zoot Suit Riot" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Baccano!)
A5 - The Contract - AmioAio ("Miss Murder" by AFI - Puella Magi Modoka Magika)
A6 - Ramen:Light - Reversed Studios ("The Pure and the Tainted" by Blue Stahli - Ramen Fighter Miki)
A7 - Put Ya' Guns On! - irriadin ("Becoming Insane" by Infected Mushroom - Sengoku Basara, Sengoku Basara: The Last Party)
A8 - Shut Up and Ride - Jump Cut Productions ("Shut up and Drive" by Rihanna - Ride Back)


F1 - Another Destination - Kireblue (Final Destination 5 Movie Trailer - Another)
F2 - FULLMETAL'S BACK - RiderG ("Everybody" by Backstreet Boys - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
F3 - Evil Island - Melichan923 (Shutter Island Movie Trailer - Resident Evil)
F4 - Safety Dance - Shin ("Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats - Nichijou)
F5 - The Kingdom of L.F.S. - DriftRoot (Knights of Badassdom Movie Trailer - Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children)
F6 - Smile - Sephiroth ("Smile" from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Puella Magi Madoka Magika)


C1 - Ballad of the Nice Guy - MysteriousRyder ("Nice Guys Finish Last" by Chester See, Kevjumba & Ryan Higa - Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, Full Metal Panic 2nd Raid)
C2 - Sorry for Being Hercule, Sincerely Mr Satan - L33TMEATWAD ("I'm Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAU - Dragon Ball Z)
C3 - The Butler Box Social - Mr Pilkington ("Jessie Buy Nothing, Go To Prom Anyways" by Hellogoodbye - Ouran Host Club)
C4 - A Brainless Video - drewaconclusion ("What the F*** Was That?" by Evil Dead: The Musical - Highschool of the Dead)
C5 - Clubbin' With Lupin - L33TMEATWAD ("Jack Sparrow" by The Lonely Island - Lupind the 3rd Series II, One Piece, Outlaw Star, Squid Girl, GTO, Phoenix Wright, Panty & Stocking with Garter Belt)
C6 - Carrots and Corn - Moonlight Soldier ("Unicorn in C Major" by Stuckey and Murray - Sailor Moon Super S)

AMTV - Pro

P1 - Fate Matrix - Shin and Gunther AMVs ("Tell Me [Clock Opera Remix]" by AuRevoir Simone - Various Titles)
P2 - Quarto Stasis - Perfect Blue ("Strike" by JunkieXL - SHost in the Shell, Akira, Armitage, Neon Genesis Evangelion)
P3 - Illusion - irriadin ("Sunshower" - by Ume - Casshern Sins)
P4 - Go and Be Free - 1MoonGoddess7 ("Pony" by Erin McKarley - Various Studio Ghibli Titles)
P5 - Shout - IsrafelMNG ("Shout vs. Pjanoo" from DJ Hero - Various Titles)
P6 - Save the World - milkmandan and manganate ("Save the World" by Swedish House Mafia)

Brief notes on my impressions, reconstructed form even briefer notes made during the contest:


Voted for D2.

I thought D3 was awesome but actiony. In fact it would have got my vote for best action if it had been in that category.
D1 and D8 were also very actiony, and D6 was a little. All the others were good drama videos. D7 might have given a D2 a run for its money, but i couldn't help feeling the song is a little overused. D4 was a little meh, but okay.


Voted for A8.

A2 and A7 are also very good, but i think i gave the edge to A8 because it's a new anime i hadn't seen before, and i always like it when an AMV introduces me to something new and makes it look good.

A3: The Naruto x Dragon Ball Z thing has been done, and this one dragged on a bit.
A6: Blue Stahli videos are getting kind of old. This isn't the first parody of the "famous" original video i've seen, and i'm just kind of tired of the idea, even though i still like the song.

They're all still worth watching though i think.


F1: This was okay for a trailer, but not really for either a movie or anime that appeal to me.
F2: Cute :)
F3: Trailer for a movie i'm even less interested in seeing, combined with a game series i haven't played and not sure if i ever will.
F4: Awesome :)
F5: I'm vaguely interested in the movie, so that's a plus, but i'm not sure about the pairing with FF7. Had a couple cute bits though.
F6: Pretty good, and i expect this one will win, given the My Little Pony song.

Voted for F4.

C1, C2 and C4 were all good.
C3, i just didn't get the point. Perhaps the song has some source on the internet that makes it more appealing if you've seen it?
C5: I might have appreciated this one more if i could have understood more of what they were saying. It was clear that Group A was singing about one thing while Person B kept interrupting with stuff about Jack Sparrow and other movie characters, but it was too muffled and confused to be very funny to me.
C6: I could understand this one clearly enough, but felt it was rather meh.

Voted for C2. It got a slight boost because A3 had already made fun of Hercule/Mr Satan, in fact it was kind of the high point of that video.


P1: Sweet
P2: Boring song, i'm sure the effects were hard to implement, but they didn't really stand out.
P3: Good action video, not sure it really qualified for "Pro" in my mind
P4: Beautiful Ghibli video. I think shelleycat would have loved this one.
P5: Okay, but although it feels funny saying it, it seemed rather frenetic to me.
P6: Good action video, not sure it really qualified for "Pro" in my mind

Voted for P4. P1 was the clear runner-up.

Best of Show:

I was torn between P4 and D3. Awesome Ghibli video vs awesome Within Temptation video. Finally settled on the Within Temptation video, partly because i regretted not voting for it in the drama category a little. And now i'm wondering if Romeo X Juliet is actually as good as the AMV makes it out to be :)
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