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AX Day 00 + 01

Thursday all i did was drive up around 5, stand in line for maybe an hour for pre-reg, then have dinner with +Andrew Schoonmaker and a friend of his before heading home.

Friday i woke up later, or rather hit snooze for longer than i had expected, so instead of showing up at Anime Expo at 8:30 to get in line for the 9:00 ticket booth opening i got there at 9:15. I was a little surprised when i got there to find that the line didn't seem to be moving yet. It continued to not moving yet for about another two hours. Apparently they were having printer difficulties, which was a problem because they were printing tickets on demand. Once the problem was fixed and the line started moving again it took about another two hours for me to get to the front and buy my tickets

So it was around 1:30 by that point. I wandered about taking pictures for a bit, then checked out a couple episode of "Aria: the Animation." Then i went to wander around the exhibit hall.

It feels like the number of t-shirt vendors has proliferated over past years. I guess because people keep buying them? :) I could easily spend $200 and not get all the t-shirts i'd like to get =P

There are several Minecraft designs i'd like to get. "Three Creeper Moon" probably being first among them, but there's also a Minecraft Elements shirt, an Anatomy of a Creeper shirt, and possibly one or two more i'm forgetting.

There are a lot of My Little Pony shirts, most of which are cute, but i'm not a huge My Little Pony fan. (Well, yet anyways, coraa has definitely convinced me to watch some more =) However there's a pretty cool shirt done up in a Tron theme that i'm seriously thinking of getting.

Also, i'm wondering if it's perhaps time to get a "Keep Calm" shirt, because i found two new designs that i rather like. A Portal themed "Keep Calm and Continue Testing" shirt, and a zombie themed "Keep Calm and Continue Running" shirt. Any votes for which i should go with? :)

I also found a "Back to the Future"/"Chrono Trigger" mashup shirt that's kind of cool, and numerous other rather cool designs that i can't think of right now.

Shortly before 6 i decided to beat the rush to food and headed across the street to the parking lot with all the food trucks set up. I got a boba tea, some beef vindaloo curry, and a reuben sandwich "egg roll." The boba and curry were good, the egg roll was... interesting. A neat concept, but the shell ended up being too crunch for my taste, and since they gave me a separate container of thousand island instead of mixing it in with the other ingredients it ended up seeming kind of dry to me. In theory i might be willing to try one of their other egg roll sandwiches at some point, but only if i've already tried everything else there. Maybe.

After that i spent some more time taking pictures before getting in line for the AMV seating. Which thankfully did _not_ take four hours. I watched a lot of AMVs (which i will post about shortly =) which were _mostly_ cool. That wrapped up just about midnight. I went and dumped my stuff in my car and then went to the AX Dance, where i found a huge line of people waiting to get in. They'd reached room capacity and were only letting people in in chunks as other people left. I waited in line for 30-40 minutes, got in, and then got about an hour of dancing before it ended. Not great, but worth it i think. Apparently there were a lot of "sexy" girls doing Pokemon cosplay that day. I'm not sure if it was coordinated or not, but a bunch of them ended up dancing on the stage. I wonder if there's anywhere other than a convention dance where you're likely to see a shirtless Misty? :) (Not topless, just shirtless, and from the sparkliness of her undergarments it was clearly something she'd been planning for. Of course to be fair it's not like Misty has all that much of a shirt there to begin with, as several other cosplayers had, er, amply demonstrated during the day.)

So they kicked us out around 1:50, i walked with a large group back to South Hall, which is apparently where they have the hotel shuttles set up, then split off once we got there to retrieve my car from the garage. I got home around 3 i think, then got to sleep around 4:30.

My plan for today is to do people watching and picture taking and exhibit hall wandering for the first couple hours. Then probably do late lunch or early dinner, either at the food trucks or the Yard House, and then go check out the new AMV thing they're doing this year. The "Anime Music Video Interactive Theater."

It actually starts around noon, but the first 3-4 hours are all AMV Chef. Starting at 4:30 though is another 6 hours of varied programming. "AMV Parodies of AMVs", "AMVs That Inspired You to Buy the Anime", "AMV Mortal Combat", "That was Then. This is Now!", "Coming to a Theater Near You! (AMV Trailers)", "Top 12 AMVs of All Time Countdown", and "WTF AMVs".

I'm not sure what all of those are, but some of them sound interesting, so i'll at least check it out. I may take a break during the hour of AMV Trailers though. Those are often _very_ hit or miss with me.

Then of course after that is the dance again :)

So now it is time to head back to the con. Oh, but one more thing...
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