DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More weight

Another week, another weight spreadsheet. Well, not _another_ weight spreadsheet. It's the same spreadsheet, just with more numbers added.


Last week(ish) of numbers:

06-21: 191.1 lbs - 49.3 lbs fat - 25.90% fat - 27.6 BMI
06-22: 190.7 lbs - 49.1 lbs fat - 25.80% fat - 27.6 BMI
06-23: 189.8 lbs - 48.5 lbs fat - 25.60% fat - 27.4 BMI
06-24: 190.2 lbs - 48.6 lbs fat - 25.60% fat - 27.5 BMI
06-25: 190.7 lbs - 48.9 lbs fat - 25.70% fat - 27.6 BMI
06-26: 190.7 lbs - 48.9 lbs fat - 25.70% fat - 27.6 BMI
06-27: 191.0 lbs - 49.2 lbs fat - 25.80% fat - 27.6 BMI
06-28: 190.4 lbs - 48.7 lbs fat - 25.60% fat - 27.5 BMI

I made it below 190 on saturday!!!! ...and then promptly bounced back up above the line again the next day and stayed there =P Oh, and there's one day where i forgot to weigh myself, so just to keep the spreadsheet math from getting too funky i just copied the data for the previous day. See if you can figure out which day it was ;)

It's also going to be "interesting" to see what happens over the long weekend since i'll be at Anime Expo for most of it. Most years i think i eat too much at AX, but this year there's not going to be as many people i know there, so i may not be as tempted to do things like get dinner and drinks at the Yardhouse. We'll see.

Oh, and beth_leonard, i forgot to respond to your comment last time because i couldn't quite remember how i set up the third table. After a little fiddling around though, i think i set it up like the other multi-axis charts, then under the "Start" tab i clicked the "select data range" button (looks like a little grid, ) and then did "Add another range" twice. After that i believe i had to fiddle around with the "Lines" settings on the "Customize" tab again, just like when setting up the multi-axis part the first time.

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