DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Busy weekend

Friday was walking to the mall for dinner and the testing of the new version of the Zombies, Run! app as previously mentioned.

Saturday i went down to doctorskuld's place for a gathering with some friends of hers. We Played a couple board/card games, interspersed with lunch at the crepe place at the Irvine Spectrum mall and swimming in the pool at her apartment complex. Since i brought over a bunch of new games we tried out Bang! and 7 Wonders (which none of them had ever tried before) and Cards Against Humanity (which half of them had never tried before.)

By the time we were done with all that it was rather closer to the showtime for Brave than we'd originally been intending, so we had to do a rather rushed dinner at the mall food court before hitting the movie. I'll try to do a more in depth review later, but the short version of my impression was "First third great, last two thirds... not as much."

After the movie everyone headed home. I got back to my apartment around 11 i think, and probably should have gone to bed then. Instead however i stayed up till three or so watching Minecraft videos =P (Someone put together a Minecraft Hunger Games competition, that i stumbled across somehow and ended up watching a lot of videos of.)

Sunday i woke up around 11 or noon and didn't do much before heading to rock climbing at 3. I think both doctorskuld and i may have been somewhat worn out from the day before. Well that and she had the added excuse that she was breaking in a new pair of climbing shoes. But in any case neither one of us got in as much climbing as we really wanted before deciding that we were beat. I in particular managed to strain my right arm in a minor way and decided i probably shouldn't stress it any more than that, though following doctorskuld's advice i did some quasi-pull-ups off the wall with just my left arm so i could exercise it some more without straining my right arm.

So sunday night was Malediction's yearly "Steampunk Ball." I'd been thinking it would be a good excuse to get myself back out to the clubs. Dancing is good exercise, right? While i was considering it i dozed off for about an hour and seriously reconsidered the plan when i woke up at 9:30. However i decided that i really should get off my ass and break the habit of always staying home in the evening. So i got ready and got out of the apartment around 10:15 i think. Then i ran into construction and traffic and didn't get to the club till about 11:15, or possibly 11:30. I knew i hadn't been there in a long time, and when i checked in via Foursquare it told me that the last time i'd been there was February 2010. I guess i made it up once or twice (with shelleycat i think?) shortly after we moved into the apartment before giving into weekend evening lethargy for good? (Well, also a big factor was shelleycat felt less and less up to going out and doing things like that, and the temptation of staying home and being with her was generally greater than the temptation of going clubbing.)

But anyways, i hopped on the dance floor immediately and stayed there for _most_ of the rest of the night. I took a couple breaks to get some water and Red Bull and wander around a bit, skipping out on maybe 6-8 songs. I was a little sad that no Abney Park got played at all, at least not during the time i was there. The DJ wrapped things up pretty much at 2 am sharp. It took me until about 3 to get home, and then i spent slightly over an hour unwinding before getting to bed. I got about two hours of real sleep and one hours of "snooze" sleep before getting up for work.
Tags: board/card games, clubs, movies, recaps

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