DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Rock climbing yesterday, rollerblading today. Cute buff girls all over the place. *sigh* maybe in another 20-30 lbs i too can be attractive to random strangers.

When i was about 90% done one of the bolts on my right rollerblade broke. Time to dig out the twine and patch it up. Well, either that or admit that i really need a new pair of rollerblades. Of course twine is cheap, while new rollerblades would probably cost at least $200.

The weather was _almost_ warm enough, though i could have done without the wind. On the plus side though there were a lot of people out flying kites.

Cardiotrainer claimed i went 3.46 miles in an hour and forty-one minutes, but i know it futzed up and lost at least part of the route. It also thinks i averaged 2 mph over the entire time which i'm pretty sure is also not true. Clearly the GPS was not having a good day. And speaking of GPS and apps...
Tags: exercise, rollerblading

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