DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Mall and Zombies

Walked to the mall for dinner today. I tried out "Zombies, Run" on the way up, figuring that i might as well see how well it works with walking (and jogging for the "run" bits) before i tried it with skating. I decided to try it with just the game soundtrack the first time, without trying to get it to use one of my music playlists. It seemed to work fairly well, but there are a few confusing issues about it.

Shortly after i started i got to a stoplight and decided to pause it. It was still during the initial mission briefing, but i didn't want the zombies to start chasing me while i had nowhere to go. So when the light changed i started it up again, and noticed that it said i'd gone 0.09 miles. That's fine, but then when i checked again later it still said i'd gone 0.09 miles. It never budged from 0.09 miles the entire time. I don't know if i busted it by hitting pause or what. I'll have to see some other time when i have an unobstructed path and don't need to pause.

When i first heard zombies coming i jogged for a bit, but then i got tired so i slowed down, and the zombie noises didn't come back. I presume this wasn't a bug per se, just that my burst of jogging speed was getting averaged out with my walking speed after that and keeping me ahead. Or similarly, there was some kind of internal distance meter that's not being displayed, and even a short distance of high speed increased the meter enough that the zombies couldn't catch up when i went back to normal speed before that section was over.

I eventually got to the end of the mission, or what i presumed was the end of the mission because i got welcomed into the safety of the base, but the mission kept going. After awhile i figured it was just giving me the chance to keep running if i wanted, though it would have been nice if there'd been some obvious sign that the mission had actually been completed so i wouldn't worry about exiting.

Oh, and sadly it keeps force closing a lot =/ Sometimes just from flipping between the tabs, though not consistently. It also force closed right when i hit the "exit mission" button, or whatever it was called, but luckily it didn't lose any of my progress. All 0.09 miles of it :) Speaking of which, i just checked my profile on the website, and it agrees that i've gone a total distance of 0.15 km. There's a list of stuff in a drop down menu at the top, "Missions", "Distance", "Time", "Supplies" and "Chases". They all just show a blank blue box though. If i mouse over the box the amount i've done of whatever metric i've selected gets shown above the box, and general stats show to the right of the box, but there's nothing in the box itself. (Tried in both Firefox and IE.) I don't know if there's supposed to be something there, or maybe there's some kind of graph that's just not loading because i've only provided a single data point so far.

But anyways, after i got to the mall (and circled around the mall an extra time before deciding the mission really was done =) i had dinner at the greek place, and pinkberry at the pinkberry place, and watched/listened to the saturday evening band for awhile while eating the pinkberry. Then i decided to stop by the cupcake store and get some cupcakes. Well, i meant to get cupcakes, but i only got cupcake, because they were all sold out of the other flavors i wanted to try besides mocha =P

My feet were feeling a little sore, so i decided to just walk back and listen to audiobook. What do i have to do to toughen up my feet a little? I can never seem to build up enough callus to keep from developing blisters. I'm rather impressed with the blister on the side of my right heel. It developed during the week before BayCon i believe (so just over three weeks ago) and it's almost an inch in diameter. The fluid drained out long ago, but the bubble of skin refuses to either disintegrate or reattach itself. It just keeps sliding around =P
Tags: exercise

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