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Cards Against Humanity

"A party game for horrible people."

So i think i mentioned this game on here before, at the very least it was in the twitters from BayCon. I just got my copy from Amazon after they finally got it back in stock. Apparently it hit #1 on Amazon's Card and Board Games list right after release and has been repeatedly sold out since then. (And the expansion is _still_ out! *grrrr*)

Have you ever played Apples to Apples? Imagine if Apples to Apples had been made by the Robot Chicken or South Park people. Or think of all the most inappropriate combinations you've ever seen anyone make with Anne Franke or Helen Keller. That would probably equate to a relatively tame round of Cards Against Humanity.

For those who haven't played Apples to Apples, in Cards Against Humanity everyone starts with ten white "answer" cards. Then each round the "Card Czar" flips over one black "question" card. Everyone else then picks from their ten cards the "answer" that they think best matches the "question." Or more specifically what they think the Czar will think best matches the black card. Everyone passes their card to the Czar who flips them over one at a time, reading them out loud, preferably in a humorous manner. After flipping them all over they pick the best match and pass the black card to the person whose answer that was, as a token that they won the round. In theory at some point everyone counts up how many black cards they have and the one with the most is the winner, but nobody really bothers with that.

The question cards are _mostly_ fairly innocent by themselves. Most of the white cards definitely are not. This is not a game for people who insist on being sensitive and politically correct all the time.

So is there anyone local who'd be interested in getting together for a game at some point?

I figure thumbie, shamiksan and neonelephant are the obvious people to try and appeal to. And i think you said you were interested doctorskuld? Anyone else? (Funny, this strongly resembles the list of people i'm also trying to get together for Brave =)

The one caveat is that my apartment isn't really big enough for a gathering of more than four or five people, and even then it would be somewhat cramped and very messy. (I haven't managed to do any cleaning since... you know.) So if anyone else wanted to volunteer their place that would be awesome :)

If you're still not sure if Cards Against Humanity would be appropriate for you or not, here are a couple of the memorable combinations i saw at BayCon:

(And if you're totally sure you're beyond being offended and are definitely interested in playing i'd recommend skipping this part, since it's always more fun to come across them for the first time while actually playing the game =)

Offensive and politically incorrect examples:

The Blood of Christ is a slippery slope that leads to being a motherfucking sorcerer

Menstruation is a slippery slope that leads to not reciprocating oral sex

Amuputees. High five, bro!

What ended my last relationship? Sweet, sweet vengeance

I wish i hadn't lost the instruction manual for teaching a robot to love

Auschwitz. It's a trap!

Next from JK Rowling: Harry Potter and the Chamber of pedophiles.

Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children golden showers.

The Trail of Tears: good to the last drop
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