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I've been spending a lot of time with Allyn lately, so I haven't had much of an opportunity to update my journal.

Allyn called me her boyfriend today *bounce* so I called her my girlfriend in return *more bounce*

She's still got her other boyfriend of course, so things are a little complex. We also both seem to be commitment shy, but it's nice that we have the same view. We talked, and we both want this to last for more than a week, but neither one of us would be willing to say anything about a year, although we might get there one week at a time.

Things are happy now though, and I'm managing to keep Kialyn down to a low background ache, and mostly the same with Morna too.

My car has a broken clutch as suspected. More than $1200 to get it fixed =(

I have to go in for work on saturday. They flew down the guy who used to be lead artist before he went to another company, so he can fix up some of the art bugs we've still got. I have to be there to do art support, and for some unknown reason my officemate is supposed to be there too.

We don't have to be in till noon, though we had to push to get even that concession. I'm worried that they may try the same thing for sunday if he isn't done yet. I've got plans to go see the Mummy II with some friends, and hopefully Allyn will come along. I'd be willing to go in after that, but I don't want them wrecking plans I already had before they came up with this idea.

I could write more, but I'm getting kind of tired, and I want to go snuggle with Allyn =)

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