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15 June 2012 @ 08:26 am
Zombies, Run!  
So earlier this week coraa was telling me about the Zombies, Run! app, and then coincidentally enough today it came out on Android!

The price is a bit high for an app, $8, and i'd like to say that i checked the old Kickstarter page and thought "Well if i would have been willing to pay at least $10 to help fund the kickstarter and wait for development, why wouldn't i be willing to pay at least $8 now to get it immediately?" But realistically, it sounded like a cool app, and a friend personally told me about it, and that was probably enough right there. At least i'm helping support the Android app ecosystem? :)

I was a little worried when it started a 217 mb download, but the executable part of the app is only 2.5 megs, so it comfortable fit in the 10 megs or so of "free" space left on my phone. (It's actually got about 30 megs, but somewhere around 20 it starts popping up warnings saying i'm about to run out of space.)

So from what i understand, the actual running part involves tracking your general speed, and then every so often the zombies will attack, and you have to "run" by increasing your speed by about 20%, which means in theory i ought to be able to use it while rollerblading, though i'm not sure if there's really the same amount of effort involved in boosting your rollerblading speed by 20% as there is in boosting your jogging/running speed by 20%. (Of course i may still need to run CardioTrainer at the same time, because although Zombies, Run! supposedly keeps track of distance and calories, i'll be kind of surprised if the calories part is properly calibrated for skating =)

There's also some kind of game component to provide incentive, if you succeed in escaping form the zombies you get items which you can use to build up some kind of home base, not to mention some kind of story told through voice actors. That made me wonder how well it would interact with having music going at the same time (having to choose between music and a game while rollerblading would have been a tough call =) but i've seen comments online about people setting up playlists for it, so it must have some way of integrating itself?

So the question now is, when will i get the chance to go try this out? :) The only day in the next week that's supposed to get over 70 is Sunday, and that's rock climbing day =P Though maybe i could do both in the same day? One tends to tire out the legs while the other tires out the arms and fingers.
Laura Parkinson: bishstormfeather on June 15th, 2012 04:20 pm (UTC)
The way I understand it from reading about it on another friend's blog is that it basically has the "game" parts pop up in between the songs on your playlist. I think the "emergency" type of "run away!" things might crop up during the actual music and interrupt it, but it might not? I really don't know, not having used it myself.
(Deleted comment)
Beth Leonardbeth_leonard on June 17th, 2012 03:37 am (UTC)
Cool! I personally know one of the people who founded the company who did that app, she told me about it when it was still in pre-kickstarter phase. It's fun finding out about it from real people on the other end. Let me know how you like it, or if you have specific important feedback, I know how to get it to the right places.

DonAithnendonaithnen on June 17th, 2012 04:23 am (UTC)
Well coincidentally i just talked a lot about it in my latest post. So far it's fun, but with a few problems. Not sure if any of the issues are worth passing on though, at least not without some more testing.