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So this weekend +/- a couple days was pretty good.

Friday evening i got to go hang out with thumbie, shamiksan, maggiedacatt and lucasmembrane (plus the associated hanger-on =)

Saturday was catching up on some work (i really need to get better about hitting 40 hours by friday =P) and relaxing mostly. Did stop by the mall on the way home (instead of walking! *gasp*) and had dinner at Daphne's Greek and got some Pinkberry.

Sunday was rock climbing/bouldering with doctorskuld. I climbed... about five or six walls i think, including one or two that i'd failed at in prior weeks, plus a couple traversals across the sideways wall. After that we got some dinner at a local sushi place and killed some time until the 7:00 Hunger Games showing.

Hunger Games was pretty cool. I'm okay with _most_ of the changes they made. I had a vague recollection that Rue got more "screentime" in the book, at the very least in detailing what life was like in District... 10? 11? Also, i'd already been expecting to feel for Rue, but Katniss weeping over her while apologizing for not being able to save her hit a bit harder than when i read the book. Presumably partly because i was seeing it rather than imagining it, but also because of... stuff. One thing that did bother me a bit though was excessive use of shakeycam and Michael Bay/Transformers levels of "zoom in so close to the fight scenes that you can't tell what's going on." I could _kinda_ accept that for the initial charge for the cornucopia, since it let them cram in bits of a lot of separate confrontations and kind of symbolized the chaos going on at the time, but there was no excuse for it in later fights.

Surrounding the weekend, thursday i stopped by Sports Depot (or Chalet? Sports something anyways) on my way back from a walk to the mall and looked at lots of stuff. I'm thinking if i want to keep walking places perhaps i should get some actual shoes, instead of wearing my boots everywhere. (I _also_ need to get a new pair of boots, but that's an entirely different issue.) However i looked at all the tennis shoes and couldn't figure out what would be best to get, or how much i ought to be spending. I also checked out the rollerblades, which i probably need at least one new pair of, but they're rather expensive, and i'm even less sure what the best type to get would be. Finally i went and found the pull-up bars. They had three or four different types, all of the "hook over a door frame" type, and i believe ranging from $20 to $50. I figured i ought to do some more research before actually buying one. Also in the same section they had weight vests which looked intriguing. It's pretty much just a vest you wear that weighs anywhere from 10 to 40 lbs, depending on which model you buy. I'm not sure how much they actually help in terms of exercise, but the idea of "really heavy shirt" was reminding me of my desire to eventually get around to making a chainmail shirt.

And finally, today! Tonight is Wumpskate, which is always awesome. But as an added bonus, i got an email from the Cards Against Humanity people that the game was back in stock on amazon! So i hopped on at lunch and put the main game in my shopping cart. Then i went to the expansion, and they said that was in stock! So i added it to my cart... and got a message saying the status of the product had changed and was no longer available from the seller i'd selected =P If only i'd had the time to grab it when i first got the email =/ But at least i should be getting the main game soon :)
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