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Friday Fun Stuff

Hey, since i was just talking about movies...

Disney recently announced (or at least started publicizing) a new movie, "Wreck-It Ralph." It's a video game movie. That is, it's a movie about video games in general, not a movie based on any particular video game. Although it does have cameos of a lot of different video game "stars", and clearly has influences going all the way back to the 8-bit/early arcade era. And it's being co-produced by Pixar's John Lasseter. If you have any interest in Disney/Pixar movies or video games you should check out the trailer.

Moving on to stuff about movies that are _not_ good, there's a new web series thing called Honest Trailers. The only one i've actually watched so far is the one for Transformers, but it's pretty awesome. It's pretty spoilery, not that that really matters in the case of Transformers but i presume the same is true for the other ones as well. Of course if you intentionally watch videos online making fun of movies you actually want to see but haven't gotten around to years after the fact and think you won't encounter any spoilers there's something... odd about you.

But speaking of making fun of Transformers, it might not be as highly polished as the Honest Trailers one *cough*, but i also like the "Transformers in a Nutshell" video.

And let's see, to round things out, here is what i presume is someone subtitling what is the actual spanish dub for part of the Empire Strikes Back as if it was a spanish soap opera: "Galaxy of Passion - A Star Wars Telenovela" The same guy has done a lot of similar videos, but i haven't checked the rest of them out yet.

Edit: Oh, and for those who normally read LJ but not G+, you might want to stop over long enough to check out this cute "The Credible Hulk" image.
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