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So tuesday night i finally made it out to see Avengers, thanks to balivatn and dannonsarisa :) In exchange i introduced them to awesome food trucks (as opposed to the rather average food trucks they apparently have around their place.) Avengers was awesome, i may or may not get around to writing more about it.

This weekend i have theoretical plans to go see Hunger Games with doctorskuld (have you figured out your preferred timeline for that yet? Like i said before either saturday or sunday works for me, and it's still listed as showing at 1:00, 4:00, 7:00 and 10:00.)

So i've got the high priority stuff out of the way. However i'm still moderately interested in seeing Men in Black 3 and Snow White and the Huntsman if there's anyone local who's interested in those. I _may_ be interested in Prometheus I will _definitely_ be interested in Brave in two weeks :) (I may eventually be interested in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter as well, depending on what reviews it gets and such, but Brave definitely comes first.)

Hmmm, after that according to Flixster there's nothing i'm _really_ looking forward to for quite awhile, although the list might not be fully updated yet. (There is Spider-Man and Batman, but i'm kinda dubious about both of those.)
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