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Nintendo E3 Press Conference Not Quite Live Blog

Just got back from voting in time for the Nintendo press conference.

There's already been news about the revived Wii U tablet controller and the new "pro" controller. Wonder if they have anything else actually new in terms of hardware? There's been speculation about a 3DS refresh. It seems a little early for that to me, but who knows. Of course what everyone _really_ wants is a new IP, but i'm not so sure about that either.

The other question is whether they can do anything that will make Wii U seem better than the Microsoft XBox/tablet glass thing, the Sony PS3/Vita interoperability, and Apple TV.

And the live feed is starting...

They're doing a video of Miyamoto... and Pikmin! So are they just teasing us? Or...

Sony had their head of business come out as the host to start, Nintendo has Miyamoto. One point for Nintendo. Bill Trinen coming out to handle translation.

Starting out with the Wii U, of course.

And the first game announced is Pikmin 3. Of course i never got around to playing Pkimin 2. Why was that? Pikmin was lots of fun. You now have access to "Rock Pikmin", because throwing regular pikmin at things just wasn't good enough :) Hmm, you now have access to multiple leaders. Did they then follow through with the obvious option of allowing co-op? (Not that i really care about co-op, but that seems to be the hot new thing lately.)

And now Miyamoto goes away and Reggie comes out. "It's all about the games."

23 Wii U titles on stage, even more from other companies, but who knows how many of those will be available at release?

Netflix and Hulu and YouTube and Amazon video, what a shocker.

Oh please don't show the horrible Miiverse video again.

"The new disruption called asymmetric gameplay.'" Ohhh! What do i win for buzzword bingo?

Ahh! Upgrade! Wii U now supports two pads! That's a no brainer that they somehow got horribly wrong last year.

Super Mario Brothers U. Glad it's 2D.

Time to talk about 3rd party stuff.

Batman Arkham City. That's great... for the two or three people who care but don't already have it? WB guy coming out to talk about it. ...okay, this guy sounds like he just stepped out of a mafia movie. Oh look, controlling a bataring by remote control, just like those minigames in... Heavenly Sword? that shelleycat always had trouble with. The only difference is that you have to look at the little screen in the controller to do it.

Scriblenauts Unlimited. There's some kind of object editor now. Learn the story behind Maxwell's notebook! ...why would i want to do that? "Use the most powerful tool in Scriblenauts... your imagination." I was pretty sure the most powerful thing in Scriblenauts was a vampire or Cthulhu or something :)

Reel time. Mass Effect 3. "Tank! Tank! Tank!" Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Trine 2. Ninja Gaiden 3. Alien Colonial Marines.

Talking about Wii Fit now. There going to be a Wii Fit U? Yup. It's not clear if this is actually new hardware. or just the old Wii Fit plugged into the Wii U. New feature! You can sit back and watch TV while making your SO keep working out =P

"Sing", and you thought "Just Dance" was generically named? Just watch Nintendo one up you!

Time to take a break from the Wii U to talk about the 3DS. I'm sure they're not done with the Wii U yet though.

Super Mario Bros 2. "It's clearly different from the Wii U game." Because it has more coins in identical looking levels apparently. It's all about coins. Coins coins coins. SRSLY? Big cheer for tanooki mario :) Coming out August 19th.

I guess there's going to be a separate 3DS conference tomorrow.

"Paper Mario, a game that added a role play element to the action." Um, sorry, what about Mario RPG? =P

Luigi's Mansion 2.

3rd party 3DS games now. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. Disney Epic Mickey (hey, it's 2D! =) Scribblenauts Unlimited (again.) Kingdom Hearts 3D. Uh, that's not a huge lineup.

Back to Wii U. Lego City Undercover. Looks kind of like Grand Theft Auto Lego, except you're a cop? Also going to be a 3DS version.

Ubisoft coming out now. Speak of the devil, here's Just Dance 4. One person can use the Wii U controller to fuck with all the people trying to dance by changing the difficulty on the fly. And by inserting random moves. Just Dance 4, now with griefing.

ZombiU. Looks like they're trying to use the distraction of looking down at the controller as method for jump out scares.

Assassin's Creed 3, Rabbids Land, "YourShape: Fitness Evolved," Rayman Legends, Sports Connection, Avengers,

NintendoLand. They're positioning it as the "Wii Sports" that will convince everyone of the value of the tablet controller.

Twelve different "attractions." Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and a couple other things are multi-player "attractions." Donkey Kong's Crash Course and Takamaru's Ninja Castle are single player "attractions."

Briefly mention Miiverse, says he'll discuss it more at the developer round table tonight.

Now showing off asymmetric gameplay with Luigi's Ghost Mansion. One strong ghost chasing a bunch of weaker players. Sounds like that old Pac-Man game they had for linked up DSes way back when?

NintendoLand will launch with Wii U, i expect it will be the pack-in.

Wii U will bring people together, unlike other personal devices which distract people. Suuure. "Wii U: Together. Better."

And that's it. Wow, they really should have saved one more big game to show at the end.

Hmmm, i didn't hear anything about a launch date or a price. That's kind of a let down =P

So overall they showed off some cool looking games (Pikmin 3 and Super Mario Brothers U in particular) but i'm still not sure about the benefit of the tablet controller overall. Admittedly i was a little dubious about the Wii controller, but i'm even more dubious the Wii U controller. And just like a lot of games i otherwise liked got junked up with unnecessary motion controls for the Wii, i'm a little worried about what developers will feel is necessary to shoehorn in for the Wii U.
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