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Sony E3 Press Conference Not Quite Live Blog

What the hell? Sony Press conference is starting now, and G4 is showing the Ubisoft press conference from three hours ago instead. So much for the idea of watching it on TV and thank the gods for the internet. Thanks for nothing G4 =P

This is going to be interesting because i'm so far behind on current video game news. I'll probably be surprised by almost everything, even stuff everyone else has known about for months.

Opening video thing: Is the new Epic Mickey multiplatform? Or did it ditch Nintendo for Sony? Another Little Big Planet?

Jack Tretton coming out to do the standard starting stuff.

Who is Cole McGrath?

Psuedo-sequel to Heavy Rain? "Beyond Two Souls" Can't say the first one ever really appealed to me. *watches trailer* And you know, a big part of that is because i really don't like 3D photorealistic graphics. Sooooooo bored right now. I don't care if she has psychic powers, still bored.

Oh hey, looks like Spike has E3 coverage too... which doesn't start till 7. What the hell guys?

Okay, done with Beyond Two Souls tariler, yay.

Nope, i don't remember "Playstation Nation", and have no idea who "Michael" is.

Oh look, the Super Smash Bros rip-off, "Playstation All-Star Battle Royale". I don't even recognize half these characters.

Gee, narrated Super Smash Bros, i mean Battle Royale match, not exciting at all. The characters aren't very familiar, and the arena is brown and grey and ugly. "I think you'll all be as excited as we are", really? Your job sucks that much? I'm sorry. "One of a kind experience," ha!

Okay, now they're boasting about Journey's high ratings and pushing other small titles, that's something i can get behind. Dida and Papa & Yo? Or something like that?

Now we're talking about all the PSX games coming to the Vita, which doesn't do me much good at this point.

What's "Crackle Television"? Whatever it is it's apparently going to be available on the Vita soon.

Call of Duty coming to the Vita! Yay! A game i don't care about for a system i don't own! :)

Ahh, talking about Assassin's Creed 3 now. Ooohhh! Looks like you get to be a girl in this one! For those who haven't heard it's set in American Revolution times. Oh hey look, while the Sony press conference is talking about AC3 live on the internet, in the background the Ubisoft is talking about AC3 on G4, three hours delayed and muted =P I guess you also get to control a male captain and his ship. Wow, that was a pretty poor show of seamanship, they just passed up the opportunity to cross an enemy ship's T. Okay, the naval combat is cool, but this is running a little long.

Showing off FarCry 3 now. They've added co-op. Haven't played this series, doesn't look like something i really want to jump into.

Ahhh, new Little Big Planet game is a kart racer. So is it going to be kind of like ModNation racer?

Some new guy coming out, Andrew House.

Doing some augmented reality book thing, apparently aimed at kids. "Wonderbook" Guess this is an attempt compete with Nintendo in the "kiddie" arena? "Book of Spells" is going to be the first book for it, and is associated with JK Rowling. You get to use the Move as a wand, shocker. Oh good, we're teaching kids that if something catches on fire you should stick your hands in the flames and wave them around to put it out. Looks like we're having technical difficulties. Another demo that's going way too long.

"I think JK Rowling says it best herself"... pause, and then he read a quote from her. If they'd actually got her to show up to talk about it now _that_ would have been impressive.

Brief pause to talk about how they're bringing gaming to Android. I'd be more excited if they had any details about it. HTC is going to be the first licensed(?) manufacturer.

Doing God of War Assomething for the last trailer i guess. *Kratos pulls giant sword out of dead guy* You didn't need that anymore, did you? Ahh, God of War Ascension. Kratos apparently has Force powers now. He can put things together just like in Star Wars Lego. ...okay, if i get this game i hope there's a way i can avoid fighting the elephant guys, they're too cute and what Kratos just did to him was too disgusting =P

Oh wait, another game... which the audience recognizes and i don't. Uncharted? Oh wait! I think it's the post-apocalyptic "The Last of Us". Pretty bright and cheery for a post-apocalyptic game, that's nice. "We should search these rooms. Or we could just set everything on fire with a molotov cocktail." Not sure what to think of this game yet. Looks potentially cool.

And that's it for the conference. Now to kill some time until the Nintendo conference at 9 am tomorrow :)
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