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More work stuff

I seem to be getting a very small handle on how the code works from skimming through some of it today. Needless to say i need to get a much better and more widespread grip fairly soon.

My boss went out and bought some dinner for everyone at work. I don't know if it's just random or cause there's a milestone next week and some people are working late. The milestone case is slightly lessened by the fact that almost none of the programmers were staying late.

I was about to head out when he said that the food was there. I responded that i was about to leave, and he said that i should grab some on the way out then. I'm kinda unused to that, at westwood you were only supposed to get dinner during crunch times if you were going to be at work for more than ten hours.

The dinner was salad and spaghetti and pizza from Buca de Bepo or some other italian place that does take out whose name sounds familiar.

After sitting around and eating and talking for awhile they put on an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, so i stuck around for that too. Apparently some of the other people there are also Red Dwarf fans =)

Traffic on the way home was gaseous and fun.

I stopped by the store to get some shampoo and drain cleaner cause our sink and bathtub are (once again) clogging up. About half the cleaners say on the back not to use on the toilet, and i'm not sure why. The descriptions sound as if they're talking about a sink (expected) but don't actually say sink, and don't actually say not bathtub. I found one bottle that said you shouldn't use it on a toilet, disposal, or, um, i'm thinking it said dishwasher, but that doesn't sound right *confused* maybe kitchen sink? Not sure. Or any thing connected to one of those, i presume they don't mean in the way that fundamentally all the plumming in your house/apartment is connected together. In any case, the one that was more detailed did not say bathtub was okay, but it didn't say it wasn't okay either, so i'm hoping that's safe.

Aren't the cupons that are generated automatically at supermarkets paid for/sponsored by the companies themselves with the intention of convincing you to buy similar products? I find it ammusing that buying a bottle of Draino Buildup Remover cause a Draino Clog Remover cupon to be generated. I know that technically they do differnent things, but it still seems to show an amazing lack of faith in their own product =) If alll the buildup is removed then you shouldn't be getting anywhere near as many clogs should you? =)

Okay, i've probably bored the hell out of everyone with my randomness, time to go do something with what remains of my night.

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