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03 June 2012 @ 07:45 pm
Rock Climbing  
One nice bonus thing about going bouldering at the local gym, there are usually a number of cute, hot and sweaty buff girls around, often wearing tank tops :)

I successfully climbed... three walls i think, maybe four, and made several other unsuccessful attempts, and went across the traversal wall four or five times. I don't feel as sore as last time, hopefully that's at least partly because i'm getting in better shape and not just because i didn't actually do as much this time.
Beth Leonardbeth_leonard on June 4th, 2012 03:52 am (UTC)
The pushups are probably helping a lot. I've also noticed that technique matters almost as much as strength. I have the potential for great improvement in both areas. Now if only my foot would hurry up and heal...