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I got seven hours of sleep last night but still spent two more hours hitting snooze this morning =P The periods between snooze alarms were interspersed with dreams about being late for school (with a small mix of being behind on all my classes thrown in for good measure.) Gee, i wonder what prompted that?

And as long as i'm here, here are a couple twitter things from the past few days. (Whenever some event promotes me to use twitter a lot i always try to keep it up for awhile afterwards. We'll see how long it lasts this time.)


1:01 PM - 2012-05-29
I _should_ be catching up on podcasts before E3, but I also have a bunch of awesome new music from #baycon that needs to get listened to :)

9:38 AM - 2012-05-29
I seem to have a moderately large callus on my left foot. And underneath that callus seems to be a blister. That's rather awkward. Also, ow

8:50 PM - 2012-05-28
At least I think I'm tipsy, I'm used to having shelleycat around to tell me if I'm tipsy or not =/

8:47 PM - 2012-05-28
Did not realize when I ordered it that sake comes in bottles, and wow, one bottle was definitely enough to get me tipsy.
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