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The one set of likely local people were already making dinner for themselves, so there was nobody to go to BJs or Lazy Dog with. Since those are far too restauranty to go to by myself i decided to walk to Gyu-Kaku. It's the first time i've ever gone there without shelleycat, though she went there a number of times on her own for lunch while i was at work.

Since monday is all day happy hour (despite it being a holiday) i decided to try the hot sake. I did not realize when you order sake they give it to you in a medium sized clay bottle. I'm kind of meh about the taste but i'm pretty sure that one bottle was enough to get me tipsy, though my normal method for checking if i was tipsy or not was to ask shelleycat and she would tell me.

I added up all the things i definitely wanted to get, and even with the happy hour menu the price came close to that of the all you can eat, so i just got that instead. Which of course means that i then ordered even more stuff. I think i'm going to be making up for those calories for the next two days =P
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