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I have returned from BayCon. And had four hour or so nap. Now i'm awake again and not sure what to do with the rest of the day. I'm suffering form the usual kind of manic/depressive happy/lonely bouncy/tired post-con thing.

I could just sit around reading, or try to play some more Mass Effect. I'd kinda like to go to a brew pub place for dinner (by which i mean things like BJs or Lazy Dog or Yard House or Karl Stauss. I'm not sure why i mentally categorize Lazy Dog as a brew pub type place) and get some "real" food, but i can't really do that on my own and it's kind of late to dig up people to make plans with. I guess i could text shelleycat's local friends and see if they have anything planned yet for the evening.

I could also write a long post about the con, which i always say i'm going to do after a con, and then almost always fail to finish. (I think i've got at least two or three almost finished posts about past cons saved as gmail drafts that i was almost finished with but just meant to do a little editing and put up "real soon")

So in the interim, just to make sure i get _something_ up, i'm gonna post all my tweets. You know, for the theoretical person who might care but hasn't already read them.

BayCon 2012 tweets:

10:22 PM - 2012-05-25
Yay! I got to BayCon and got registered just in time for the fire alarm to go off!

11:47 PM - 2012-05-25
Hmmm, looks like Cards Against Humanity = Apples to Apples + lots of insanity #BayCon2012

8:57 AM - 2012-05-26
6 hours restless car sleep, snack of mango, beef and a bagel. Extra deodorant and brushed teeth. Ready for first full day of #baycon2012

8:59 AM - 2012-05-26
And by "ready" I mean ready to sit by a plug in the #baycon2012 lobby waiting my phone to charge.

9:14 AM - 2012-05-26
Fancy lobby light fixture? Or subtle advertising campaign for Target? #BayCon2012

10:31 AM - 2012-05-26
Is the dealer room smaller because fewer dealers signed up? Or did fewer sign up cause of the smaller room? #BayCon2012 #baycon

12:41 PM - 2012-05-26
Volunteered for 2 fun gopher jobs, told they didn't need anyone for either. Guess it's not the worst rejection i've ever had :) #Baycon2012

2:51 PM - 2012-05-26
So instead of getting to do errands for a couple cute girls, I got to sit by myself outside a room and check badges =P #baycon #baycon2012

3:37 PM - 2012-05-26
But at least I have a room now. And since I'm feeling kinda socially incompetent I think I shall hide in it for a bit. #baycon #baycon2012

5:45 PM - 2012-05-26
Wow, the soap and shampoo here are really smelly. Must remember to bring my own next year. #baycon #baycon2012

8:42 PM - 2012-05-26
Two robots enter (the masquerade) one robot leaves! #baycon #baycon2012

9:14 PM - 2012-05-26
*sigh* maybe if I lose 30 lbs next year I can sign up for the Klingon slave auction and not horribly embarrass myself #baycon #baycon2012

10:34 PM - 2012-05-26
Overheard at #baycon - "no, you have to go all the way down before you hit the Catholics" #baycon2012

12:29 AM - 2012-05-27
Yay! A cute girl talked to me! She walked up, peered at my nametag, said "oh good, you're not who I thought" and left =P #baycon #baycon2012

3:51 AM - 2012-05-27
Damn it, I'm gonna end up with only four hours of sleep because of the Eye of Argon. #baycon #baycon2012

10:13 AM - 2012-05-27
Overslept 30 min, got to Eye of Argon 10 min late, but the reading hasn't actually stayed yet. Yay! #baycon #baycon2012

12:19 PM - 2012-05-27
Took a shower, then was one of the 3 main performers for the Eye of Argon. Now I'm all hot and sweaty again =P #baycon #baycon2012

12:40 PM - 2012-05-27
At 1 there is 1 panel about female characters, 1 about Honor Harrington & 1 about age of sail. No overlap at all there! #baycon #baycon2012

7:36 PM - 2012-05-27
Walked to In-n-Out and Jamba Juice for linner, then got a 2 hour nap. Ready for the evening! #baycon #baycon2012

4:01 AM - 2012-05-28
*sigh* time to drive home if I want to avoid traffic. Even with all the problems this time, I'm gonna miss you til next year #baycon

7:23 AM - 2012-05-28
Why aren't there any Del Tacos on I-5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles? :(

9:34 AM - 2012-05-28
And 4 Monster drinks and 5 hours of driving later I am home from #baycon. Perhaps I should take a nap now? :) #baycon2012
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