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Poll time

So what should i do for Memorial day weekend?

Almost every year for the past... four or five years? i've gone up to BayCon, usually driving. This year i don't have to feel guilty about leaving shelleycat to spend the weekend alone, but i do have to feel guilty about leaving the cat alone with no one to take care of her except a couple of large bowls of cat food and water. I've been doubtful about going before, but every time i've convinced myself to go anyways i've had lots of fun. This year... i'm not sure if going will be a great way to get my mind off stuff and cheer me up, or if my mental state will just make BayCon less fun.

Poll #1842236 Memorial Day Weekend

Where should i go?

Go to BayCon, be social, have fun.
Stay home and save a fair bit of money and about 12 hours driving time. Relax, catch up on a little reading and vieo games and chores.
Go to BayCon, fail to be social and get rather depressed, but tell myself later that at least i tried.
Something else exciting that you will tell me about in the comments.

If i do go to BayCon, when should i go?

Leave around noon on friday. Get there (hopefully) about 7-8 pm and enjoy the first night's activities.
Get up between midnight and 1 am saturday "morning" and get there around 9 or 10 am. (And spend one less night sleeping in the car.)
Something else.

Oh, and speaking of con stuff, akiko and kirinn, have you decided for sure if you're going to DragonCon or WorldCon this year? I really ought to get on that in either case.
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