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So when i weighed myself last thursday my numbers were almost exactly the same as the week before. I managed to finish week 4 of the hundred push-up challenge, but once again only be letting my form seriously deteriorate by the end of the sets and by taking way too long of rest periods. Oh well, i figure if i can finish this thing able to do 100 push-ups in poor form then i can always repeat the last week or two until i'm able to do them with good form :)

Although when i started this thing i think i was at about 20-25 push-ups. On monday i did the biweekly assessment and managed 50 push-ups, which once again puts me on the toughest track for week 5 (*groan* i was kinda hoping i'd drop down a tier after the trouble i had with week 4) which means i doubled the number i could do from approximately 25 to 50 in four weeks. I'm kinda dubious about the idea that i'm going to be able to double it again from 50 to 100 in just the remaining two weeks =P
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