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I think i already mentioned that i crashed pretty early friday after work and didn't really do anything most of the evening except sleep.

Saturday: Work and mall

I got up saturday around 2am and stayed up until around 8 or 9 before taking a nap. Then i got up around 11 and had to go into work to make up some time. I got home around 3:30 or 4, and decided to walk to the mall around 5:30 or 6. When i got there they had a DJ playing music in the central area (which i think was normal, that or a band) and a bunch of stands set up by the various food places in the mall giving away free samples (which i don't think was normal.) That would have been a lot cooler if i wasn't on a diet =P I avoided the cookies and tacos and beer (not sure if the beer was free or not, that seems like something that might be an exception) but had some of the salad from the greek place. And bought a Pinkberry of course, which is what i'd nominally walked up there for. I crashed pretty early in the evening, at least for a saturday, around 10:30 or so i think.

Sunday: Laundry and mall and shopping and eclipse

I slept in a fair bit on sunday, got up around 10 or 10:30. I then proceeded to do absolutely nothing useful or particularly interesting for the next several hours. I did eventually work up enough energy to get some laundry done, but didn't really feel up for anything else. (Sorry thumbie =/) Finally around 4ish i started thinking about dinner, and realized that if i walked to the mall again i'd be outside around the time the eclipse was happening.

So i walked to the mall and had dinner at Daphne's (clearly their marketing ploy of giving away salad the day before worked =) and when i was done walked back out to the parking lot, since the sun wasn't actually visible from the main courtyard. I'd grabbed a disposable menu from Daphne's and tried poking some holes in it with my pocketknife, but i couldn't really get anything that looked like an eclipse to me. It was pretty close to annularity at that point though, maybe that doesn't show up well with a pinhole camera? Or maybe my "pinholes" just sucked. They certainly weren't as regular as i would have liked.

I went into REI and bought some climbing stuff and some exercise snacky things for when it's warm enough to go rollerblading again, and when i came out i tried the "pinhole" cameras again, and on one of them it looked like it was kinda crescent shaped when i got the right distance between the two pieces of paper, but it was hard to tell if it was actually working as designed or if that was just the way the hole was shaped =P

I went into Kohl's after that and managed to find a new pair of black cargo shorts (one of my old pair had developed a rather large hole in the crotch =P) and a new button up shirt for work (one of my old ones had developed a hole right near the center of my chest, not sure how that happened.) After that i went by Pinkberry and traded in a filled up stamp card for a free small mango. I stood around for a bit people watching and finishing off the Pinkberry before heading home.

That was pretty much the end of my productivity for the day. I spent the rest of the evening doing mostly useless stuff online and chatting with balivatn.

So short version, did some laundry and walked to the mall twice, which makes it the second weekend in a row where i didn't really feel up to doing anything especially productive or especially fun. Next weekend i might go up to BayCon, not really sure. Or i might stay home and totally fail to do anything except maybe walk to the mall =P
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