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So yesterday i was looking up "squab" on (which i thought meant any smallish generic bird, but apparently only means pigeon or dove) and as it tends to do when you look up an "unusual" word, it told me that "bezoar" is also good word to know. Usually i don't pay that much attention to those links, but i'd heard the term a couple times before in various fantasy books or games and had a rough idea that it was some kind of stone that could cure poison but didn't know what it was for sure, so it was somewhat interesting to see the full definition.

So i got home after work and read a little bit of seanan_mcguire's "Discount Armageddon" before crashing really early. I'd just started the book on thursday and hadn't gotten very far, so i picked it back up at the bottom of page 41. I finished that page, flipped to page 42, and the second paragraph on the page finished up "Without a bezoar to purify the stuff, I'd probably have managed to catch some new and interesting variety of plague."

(Also somewhat ironically, the Semagic dictionary doesn't know what a "bezoar" is. Hey Semagic, it's a good word to know! :)
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