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Audible just added a whole bunch of CS Friedman books! In fact it seems like they've added ALL the CS Friedman books!

I'd been meaning to grab "Legacy of Kings" (third book in the Magister trilogy) as soon as it comes out in paperback, but perhaps i should grab the Audible version now instead. (Oddly, B&N says the paperback is coming out in September, while Amazon says it can be ordered for $30 but is "temporarily out of stock.")

Of course i also need to grab a copy of "The Madness Season", for reasons that should be obvious to people familiar with my more "common" user name. And "This Alien Shore." I should try "In Conquest Born" again at some point. I just couldn't get into it the first time. (Good thing i read Madness Season before that.) I'm not sure if that would be better done via audiobook or "real" book though.
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