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Titans of Industry (Kickstarter)

If you like board games and you're interested in the whole Kickstarter thing, you should really check out the "Titans of Industry" project. The kickstarter ends in less than a week, and they've still only about halfway to $30k. It's kind of sad that video game projects seem able to get hundreds of thousands of dollars practically at the drop of a hat, while board games have to struggle so much more. So i thought i'd do my own little bit to promote them :)

So what is it? If you've played them, it seems a little like a mashup of Power Grid: Factory Floor and Puerto Rico with a veneer of Acquire. Oh, and with a dash of Caylus thrown in.

Each player is in control of a corporation at the start of the 1920s. Each turn a certain number of factories and businesses are laid out, and the players get to bid on them. (There is a system for upgrading buildings, but i'm not sure yet if that's just a matter of replacing old buildings with new one or if it's more elaborate than that.) After that phase is done you have to assign workers to work the factories and produce goods, and to work the businesses and sell goods or do other things on the board. The Caylus bit rears its head here because you can also send your worker to work in another player's building, producing or selling goods for yourself, but giving them victory points.

So it draws aspects from several different games that i like. It's hard to say for sure without actually playing it, but it certainly looks interesting. There's actually a full set of rules linked from the Kickstarter page, which gives a better idea of how things work, though without knowing what's on the cards there's still a lot we don't know.

*cough*also the demo video features a couple cute girls, and cute girls playing boardgames are awesome*cough*
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