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I went to Wumpskate. There was someone i kinda know who was going to be going as welll, but they canceled at the last minute. And i didn't see industrialbchic and her SO there either. So i spent the evening being alone with a bunch of strangers. And when i took a break to rest there was no shelleycat to call. And when i got home there was no shelleycat waiting up for me.

I've been rollerblading on and off now for almost two decades. Why is it that i still can't sprint or do endurance skating very well? I know different people are supposed to be good at different things based on their muscle type. Do i have some kind of stupid combination type that makes me not good at either?

Also, i was back up to 199 lbs this morning. Hopefully skating for about 2.3 hours and burning about 800 calories made up for that a little bit... except that i expect i was probably over my calorie limit for today.

You know, i think if i keep skating for long enough my brain gets tired and i start to think. Thinking when i don't belong to anyone isn't really a good thing.

On the plus side, i have a soft purry kitty lying on my arm right now, yay!
Tags: clubs, exercise, rollerblading, shelleycat

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