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I semi-intentionally fell asleep at about 10 last night, and then woke up at about 1:30 and was stuck awake for awhile.

I'd fallen asleep with all my clothes on, so i took my shirt off since that's the way i usually sleep. However after a minute or two i decided that i felt too lonely that way. Not quite sure why, but having the shirt on close to my skin somehow convinced my body that since i had clothes on of course there shouldn't be anyone else in bed with me. I turned the lights on long enough to find the shirt again and put it back on, and felt a _little_ better after that.

Normally if i'm kind of tired i can fall asleep on my back, on my side, on my stomach, straight, curled up, spread-eagled, or any number of odd ways. If i'm having trouble getting to sleep i need to lie on my back, or at least start out that way, because that's the only way i know how to do self-hypnosis.

I'm not sure when i finally got to sleep, but my alarm went off at 7, so i probably got about eight hours of sleep, and of course still have bags under my eyes =P I still had bags under my eyes the day i slept for 12 hours and then took a three hour nap =P

Almost time to head off to work *worries*

I hope this works out all right. I wish i was still at westwood.

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