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Diet thing

So last week i was at 199.8 lbs, 54.4 lbs fat, 28.9 bmi
This week: 196.5 lbs, 52.5 lbs fat (26.8%) 28.4 bmi

Definitely an improvement, but not as much as i would like, especially for the early easy stage. The one time i hit 220 lbs, getting from 220 to 200 was almost easy, going from 200 to 180 took some work, getting down to 160-170 was a major undertaking, and getting below 160 was impossible. (In theory the middle of the "optimal" BMI range for me ought to be near 150 lbs.)

In other news, i'm planning on hanging out with thaisa tonight, and we're planning on eating at BJs. Which means i don't get to eat anything for lunch. Sooooooooo hungry!
Tags: exercise, food

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