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Went out to the beach to rollerblade, and i was right, it was just barely warm enough to rollerblade when i got there. And then the sun went behind some clouds =P Luckily it came out again later. On the plus side the wind was pretty light, though interestingly it was light from the opposite direction it usually is.

According to the route info the CardioTrainer app logged i went 7.87 miles in an hour and thirteen minutes, at an average speed of 6.5 mph and a max speed of 12.3 mph, and burned a total of 416 calories.

By the end my heels were kind of blistery and my lower back was sore. Actually, less than halfway through my lower back was sore and my heels were starting to feel blistery. I was originally thinking of going rollerblading again on friday or saturday to try and get myself in slightly better shape for Wumpskate on monday, but ii'm wondering if perhaps letting my heels heal is more important. I wonder if there's some kind of exercise i can do to make my lower back stronger/more resistant/whatever. Well, other than more rollerblading of course.

*sigh* And this is the first time in a long time where i've gone rollerblading and not had someone waiting at home afterwards to talk to about how it went and how far i got and how many cute girls i saw.
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