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Two weekends

Actually before last weekend even started (as in the one about 8-9 days ago) i got to do dinner with 2gouda4u and a friend of hers and thegreatgonz. We met up at the Yard House in Pasadena. 2gouda4u and her friend showed up first, along with my niece, and thegreatgonz got there a little later with my nephew. (While we were waiting for them to show up 2gouda4udecided i really needed to hold me niece for a bit, which was an unpopular idea with me, and an even more unpopular idea with her :)

I got off to a slow start saturday morning and didn't make it up to the RenFaire until a little after 10:30, but that was okay because balivatn and dannonsarisa were also running a little late and didn't make it there till a little after 11 :)

We wandered around for a bit and looked at various shops. I picked up one of the RenFaire hats i had been looking at the week before. (shelleycat always kept telling me i should get a hat, so since they had decent hats that _weren't_ baseball caps i finally decided to listen to her.)

We got some meat pies for lunch. I'd noticed the stand before but had completely forgotten about it the previous week when it was time for lunch. They're not actually in the food area but at the end of the next aisle over.

I'd texted ConGirl when we got there since she was supposed to be around, but she didn't respond until just about the point that balivatn and dannonsarisa were ready to head home, so shortly after they left i got to hang out with ConGirl for twenty or thirty minutes before i head to go myself to head to alumni weekend.

I got there a little after three and was going to text 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz to see where they were, but i practically tripped over them in Platt where registration was set up. They were trying to get their kids to take a nap, but thegreatgonz said he could stay and keep an eye on them while 2gouda4u and i wandered about. I wanted to try and find beth_leonard and jon_leonard so we headed over to the rec center because there was a mistaken belief that there might be a kids center set up there. Once that failed we decided to stop by East on the way back and were hanging out in the lounge when beth and jon randomly wandered in :)

After chatting with them briefly they headed off to whatever they had next and 2gouda4u and i headed back to Platt. We hung out there for awhile chatting with people before heading to the wine tasting and snacks thing. I'd totally forgotten that it's traditional for them to have baked brie there, and when i rediscovered that fact i then proceeded to eat waaaaay too much of it :)

So there was much consuming of yummy snacks and hanging out with chatting with 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz and beth_leonard and jon_leonard and thumbie and shamiksan and neonelephant and numerous other people who i'm either forgetting about or don't have nicks for :)

After that 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz and i went to the good local indian place for dinner, though given how much baked brie i'd just consumed i didn't eat that much there, just one serving of the masala paneer, or whatever the exact name is. (Paneer in the yummy redish creamy sauce.)

Afterwards we headed back to the campus and a lot of us congregated around East for awhile. We spent a little while teaching the young'uns about napkin balls. (Apparently the administration has been trying semi-successfully to eradicate that tradition, along with the rope joke.) We moved back to Platt after awhile and hung out chatting for another hour or so. When everyone else got tired and went off home/to their hotel i headed back to East to see if anything was still happening there and ended up hanging out till about 2am before heading home. I got home around 3 am and got to sleep around something like 4 or 5 am =P

Strangely i woke up around 10:30 am sunday morning (my cat demanding food may have had something to do with that) but didn't really feel like driving all the way up to campus again (sorry 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz! =/) so i spent the morning and early afternoon being lazy. Early in the afternoon shelleycat's friends gave me a call and asked if i'd be interested in doing dinner at Fortune Cookie around 5 and i said sure. So i had a yummy dinner and talked with them for awhile and that's about all i accomplished all day.

This weekend i was thinking of going to the Orange County Beer Fest with some of shelleycat's friends, mainly for the food trucks that were supposed to be there and the couple companies there that do cider. However i ended up feeling kind of tired saturday morning and all the cheap tickets were already sold off. (Of course the "VIP" tickets were only $10 more than the regular ones, so you can tell exactly how motivated i was.) So instead i tool my car into the shop for an oil change and to fix a couple minor issues. (About $500 of "minor" issues, but whatever.) And then on an impulse i stopped by the sound place next door and figured out that i could get a 3.5 mm aux in cable added to my stereo for about $200. Which is expensive for a bloody cable but relatively cheap compared to getting a new stereo that actually fits in the funky Prius dash and actually interfaces with the computer properly. So i went ahead and got that. So now i don't have to use the clunky tape adapter any more! Yay! Hopefully though this is the last time i'm ever going to have to get a car modded to be able to plug into an mp3 player/phone however. The fact that the 2005 Priuses didn't have aux in standard was a pretty weird anomaly, and one that i understand has been corrected now.

Sunday i went down to the local rock climbing gym to go bouldering with doctorskuld. We spent about an hour and a half climbing things before deciding we were too tired and needed to stop. Well, correction, going with her as a benchmark, _she_ spent about an hour and a half climbing. I actually did about half as much as she did, at best. I managed to complete a couple yellow (easiest courses) and failed repeatedly on a lot of other stuff. It's been.... five or six years since the last time i climbed anything i think? And i'm totally out of shape. Afterwards we went by the local Mitsuwa for linner.

When i got home my hands were so sore it hurt just to hold a book open. Today they're mostly okay with the book thing, but my arms still hurt whenever i try to open a door or do anything like that. It's good to be sore again :)

Oh yeah, and yesterday was supposed to be day 3 of week 3 of the push-ups thing. I gave it a try an hour or so after getting home and i... kinda managed to do it. I hit the right numbers of push-ups, but the form wasn't that great, and i had to rest more than twice the theoretical ideal amount between sets. Assuming my arms have recovered enough tomorrow i think i may repeat the day to make sure i can do it right.

And okay, looking back at this post, even with the dead time this saturday i did a lot more stuff and saw a lot more people over the last week and a half than i was thinking.
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