DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff

Today is May the 4th, but i'm not going to post any Star Wars stuff. (Okay, in large part because i haven't seen anything cool yet, though i haven't really looked yet either.)

marthawells has put together a pretty cool list of books by female authors which are set in non-European/Western settings. The list itself is cool, but she's also written an interesting post called "Erasing Women" about why she thinks such things are important.

On a lighter note, about a month ago Lindsey Stirling put out a cool new geeky violin musical medley video thing, this time based on Skyrim. A little before that she also put out a dubstep violin video titled "Crystalize". Not being up on fancy new musical terms i'm not exactly sure what dubstep is, but to me it sounded like a violin/techno mashup.

Also, on G+ i just linked the awesome "Game of American Thrones" image/meme, if you like Game of Thrones and laughing, and don't mind making fun of politicians, you should definitely check it out :)
Tags: fun stuff, video games

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