DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Diet thing

Some people at work have put together a weight loss contest. Except it's got a stupid name and stupid rules, so i didn't join up. Still, perhaps trying to diet during the same period of time will provide some extra motivation.

Around March 25th i think i was about 197 lbs. Around March 31st i was about 192 lbs. This morning i was back up to 200 lbs. According to my scale 55 lbs of that is fat and my BMI is 29.0. (I'm not sure if it's figuring out the amount of fat by formula, or actually measuring electrical resistance or something like that. We didn't really want a weight watchers scale, it was just the cheapest thing at Bed Bath & Beyond that didn't look ugly, so i haven't really looked into the details.) That puts me at the upper end of "overweight" and right below "obese", so i really ought to be doing something about that.
Tags: exercise

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