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Distraction and time sense

I think that when shelleycat was around she was having a pretty negative effect on my ability to focus. Not that that was a bad thing. I think my ability to focus on unimportant things is part of why i keep getting distracted in the shower thinking about random things and then realize 30 or 40 minutes have gone by. (I just wish i was better at focusing my focus on important things like work =P)

I would still do the same thing of getting absorbed into games or TV or the internet or a book, but i think i was still pretty aware of her existence. In fact one of the reasons i was getting less reading done than i used to was that i'm used to doing a lot of reading in bed. But if shelleycat didn't feel like going to bed too then going to the bedroom to read would mean not being as aware of her presence. So usually i'd elect to stay out in the living room and do something else next to/around her.

And every so often while i was doing whatever i was doing i would stop and ask her if she wanted to be doing something else instead, and sometimes she'd want watch a show or movie or do something else together, or sometimes she'd want to take a "sound break," so i'd stop what i was doing and switch to something else.

In general most days i'd get to work between 6 and 9, and get home between 4:30 and 6:30. Sometimes we'd do a couple different things in the evening, sometimes i'd be doing just one thing while she switched between stuff, but in either case there'd be breaks for talking and snuggling. It often made the evenings seem pretty darn long (in a nice way, needless to say.) I'd usually start thinking about bed around 10, though i'd often put it off until 11 or midnight. And then i'd get set my alarm sometime between 4 and 7 and do it all over again.

Now i seem to be getting into work between 9 and 10 and getting home between 6:30 and 8. I'll spend some time playing games or doing stuff on the net or watching TV, but usually not more than two of those, and frequently just stay stuck on one thing the whole evening. Not really intentionally, i'll just start doing one thing and then look up a little later to realize most of the evening has gone by. I still start thinking about bed around 10 usually, band still get to bed around 11 or midnight, but then a lot of nights i'll stay up in bed an hour or so reading. (Though to be fair it's not like i always got to sleep right away after going to bed before either.) Then when my alarm goes off sometime between 4 and 7 i'll spend and hour, or two, or sometimes even 3, hitting snooze over and over again. Then i'll spend too long getting ready, and probably get distracted by the net before or after that. Which is why i keep ending up getting into work four or five hours after my alarm was set for.

So all and all i've got less time in the evenings than i used to, and the time i do have seems shorter than it actually is. Last night i tried turning on the TV to a semi-random channel and just letting it run, and that seemed to provide something of a distraction, even if not as nice of one. shelleycat really hated letting commercials run and would often go out of her way to start watching a show ten minutes after it actually started so she could fast-forward through the commercials with the DVR. I guess i'm just more resistant to them or something. Unless a commercial is really dumb i can generally just kind of tune them out, and they provide a way to mentally break up lengths of time into chunks without really paying attention to the time.
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