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Mass Effect

So i started playing Mass Effect yesterday. And by "playing" i mean spending two hours installing the thing, then spending about five minutes going through character creation before stopping halfway through the process and spending an hour or so looking up a bunch of faqs and forums about character creation and jobs and skills and such :)

At first it sounded like i needed to go through the game three times, but then i found out you can't carry over achievements to Mass Effect 2, so now i'm figuring i ought to go through the game twice, first on the Renegade path and a second time with my "real" character on the Paragon path, so i can see both sides of the story.

I'm currently thinking Renegade will be with an Earthborn Ruthless Adept (not sure what bonus power to pick for them) and the second time will be with a Colonist War Hero, either as a Soldier or an Infiltrator and probably with the Singularity bonus. (Unless anyone else has any better suggestions? Particularly for the jobs/bonus skills.)

Also, has anyone else been getting about half their comment notifications dropped recently? My last post about Mass Effect has about twice as many responses as my inbox led me to believe =P
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