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Went to the RenFaire with two of shelleycat's friends today. We went to breakfast at Mimi's cafe a little after 8:30 and then drove to the faire and got there about 11.

We looked around at all the various shops. I picked up a small pewter ball & chain, they got a couple t-shirts, and i think something else i'm forgetting. I tried to keep my shopping light since i may be going back there again.

We stopped to get drinks at multiple points. I got two ciders (one raspberry and one pear) and a raspberry mead. The mead was very sweet, which was good, but also had a kind of... sour? bitter? something undertaste. Between the two it made it rather hard to drink quickly, not that that's necessarily a bad thing. I definitely prefer the cider but i may try the honey mead if i end up going again.

We stopped for lunch at some point and i got a tri-tip sandwich and some fried artichoke. It seems like since the last time i was there (at least four years ago i think?) they've instituted some rule that only the drink stands can sell real drinks or something. At least i can't think of any reason why everywhere else is only selling bottles of stuff. I'm pretty sure some of the food stands used to sell real lemonade and stuff like that.

We looked around a little more and finished up around 2:30, by which point i was apparently getting a little pink. I'd used some sun block stuff on my face and tried to rub some along the part in my hair, and smeared a little along my arms. It seems like it was only my face that didn't get quite enough.

So overall there was lots of cool stuff and lots of good food and lots of cute girls, pretty much all the things that shelleycat would really have enjoyed.

Also, while we were wandering about we randomly stumbled across ConGirl, who as usual was working at the con faire. She said that tomorrow is her day off and she wants me to come back and hang out with her. We'll see if i'm feeling up to it or not. balivatn and dannonsarisa have also expressed interest in going next weekend, except that's also alumni weekend, so i'll probably be busy that saturday. So i may end up going to the RenFaire three times in a week and a half, or i may not make it back at all. We'll see.
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