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Saturday thumbie and shamiksan convinced me to come hang out with them and sithjawa in Redondo. sithjawa was showing off her new dog, and also wanted to go by a local bookstore for a book signing that a friend of hers was doing. So we met at the local mall and walked over to the bookstore for a bit. The bookstore is called "Mysterious Galaxy" and is actually a genre bookstore (lots of SF/Fantasy, with some mystery and horror as well) and apparently having authors coming to do readings/signings is a regular thing for them. Afterward we drove down to our old haunts in Redondo and had dinner at Hennesey's.

Sunday i ended up driving back out to the bookstore because i'd noticed they were having another signing event, this time for Sherwood Smith. I got "Inda" and "The Fox" signed and picked up the third and fourth books in the series, as well as the new book in the sequel series she just released. I also ran into coraa's LA friend there, though she was busy talking to friends of hers so we didn't talk much other than to say "oh, i know you."

After that i went and played a game of Settler's of Catan with some of shelleycat's friends, since they'd given me a call about it earlier in the day, but didn't feel like sticking around for more than the single game. I stopped by Alberto's Mexican on the way home since that's what shelleycat and i often used to do after gaming. I was kind of sad to discover that they no longer give you guacamole and sour cream with the carne asada quesadillas, you have to order extra sides of it now. (And apparently my spell checker is very white bread, it totally fails at everything in "carne asada quesadillas".)

Tuesday i went out to the Irvine food truck thing for the first time in... two or three months at least, and got some Lime Truck fries and a cheese sandwich from some garlic themed truck. (It was a very good cheese sandwich, but it didn't taste very garlicky.)

Tonight i'm going to head back to Mysterious Galaxy again, this time because they've got a signing by Robert J. Sawyer. I'm not sure what to make of his new book, "Triggers", from the synopsis, but i think i may have to buy new paperback copies of "Wake" "Watch" and "Wonder" (since i originally listened to them on Audible) so i can get them signed, because those books were awesome.
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