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Went clubbing again last night. I convinced myself that i needed to do laundry before i went, which wasn't strictly true, but i figured was a good thing to convince myself of =)

While the laundry was running i went to the store, so i also have food now =)

This time at the club i saw a sexy girl who reminded me of Kialyn. She was wearing black pleather or vinyl pants, a black t-shirt that left her midriff bare. She had her hair tied back in a pony tail and was wearing glasses. I only saw her brielfy once or twice and of course i didn't talk to her.

There was another girl at the club who was apparently very drunk, because she fell down twice on the dance floor while i was around. The first time she managed to fall into me. I and another guy helped pull her to her feet. She smiled at me, and then went off to dance with the other guy and was still with him when she almost fell on top of me again an hour later (and no, she wasn't dancing with him before.) Not that i'd want to waste my time with someone who was falling-down drunk, but i wonder if there was something fairly symptomatic about the situation.

I managed to keep myself fairly numb throughout the night, which was for the best.

It's nice to feel the music vibrating inside of you, it feels good to put your hand against your chest and feel yourself resonating.

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