DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I went to the mall and discovered that REI no longer has rechargeable heat pacls. They only have packages of use once and throw them away heat packs. So i picked up a package of "Grabber Warmers" hand warmers, and so far i'm rather unimpressed. In theory you just open them and contact with oxygen activates them, but this one barely seems to have gotten above body temperature. Maybe it'll heat up more later, but right now i'm really wishing i had one of the nice old sodium acetate packages. Maybe a little later i'll see if i can find that rice warming pad i made awhile back or make another one. At least i think we i have a bag of rice somewhere.

While i was at the mall i also picked up some coffee for work, a couple hand towels (to wrap the warmers in back when i thought they'd actually get to a decent temperature) and a new copy of Howl's Moving Castle since my old one seems to have wandered off somewhere and i wanted to try and participate in stormfeather's reading thing. And i picked up a pinkberry while i was there.

So now i'm sitting around wondering what to do with the rest of the day that doesn't involve moving my neck too much. I guess pretty much what i probably would have been doing anyway, reading and staring at the internet and posting to LJ. Oh yeah, and i should probably do taxes =P

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