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Friday Not So Fun Post

So somehow i totally forgot about the song "The Story" until sunday morning (it was one of the songs i ended up copying over to my phone.)

shelleycat used to very into Grey's Anatomy (among other reasons, because she thought Sandra Oh is awesome) though she thought the last season was a little lack-luster.

However i ended up watching a lot of episodes over her shoulder, and when they got around to doing a musical episode (like all sitcoms are required to do these days) she totally fell in love with the song "The Story", originally by Brandi Carlile. She immediately looked it up on YouTube and demanded that i rip her a copy to put on her mp3 player. Then sometime later she got a copy of the original song. From that point on just about any point it came up on her mp3 player she'd start singing the lyrics out loud. She'd often dance along to whatever was playing on her mp3 player, and sometimes sing some of the lyrics to various songs, but this was the only song i can think of that she did that pretty consistently for.

Here's the clip with the song from the episode and here's just the same song with just lyrics, both being sung by Sara Ramirez.

And here's the original version of the song by Brandi Carlile.

I came up with some more favorite/shared things as well, but i'll put those behind a cut.


Ally McBeal
Sex and the City


Kill Bill
Avatar (Not because we thought it was a great movie, but because it's okay background noise and we both thought Michelle Rodriguez was really cute)


Jacqueline Carey
Robin McKinley

Food stuff:

Del Taco
Burger King
See's Candy
Whole Foods

Barcelona on the Go
Spud Runner

Balsamic Vinegar
Boxed meats (All those pre-cooked pot roasts and barbacoas and tri tips that so many companies like Harris Ranch have been doing recently.)
Nutty Bars
Nerds Jelly Beans

And finally, a day or two ago i was taking a look at the bulletin board that she used to pin mementos to. What exactly she had pinned up there changed over the years, though not so much in the past year or so, so i wanted to see what was still there.

There's a letter from a student when she was doing teaching before i knew her, and what looks like some notes about Social Security and such from the time she was originally going on disability (not sure why she wanted to keep that.) There's also a picture of Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2 (pretty similar to this picture, though not as zoomed in.) More relevant to the time i spent with her, there were con badges for both LosCon (complete with a half-dozen ribbons) and Anime Expo. There were also a number of tickets for various events, one for the Rush concert we went to (the one we went to with sithjawa i'm pretty sure), one for Spamalot (i remember her going to that, though it was pretty early in the relationship and i didn't go with her) one for the OC Fair (where we wanted to try out all the weird foods we could) and one for "In the Heights", the musical we went to see sometime in the last year or so. And finally there was a ripped off piece of notebook paper that just said "Gypsy Den - 7:00 pm" and my name.

The Gypsy Den is a kind of alternative cafe located in "the LAB Anti-mall", and it's where we went for our first date. I know from old saved emails that was sometime between August 2nd and August 7th 2007, though i haven't been able to pin it down more specifically yet. Obviously the date went pretty well. I was a little dubious because of her age and health issues (something that ultimately turned out to be valid concerns i guess) but she just pounced me after we were done eating and talking for a bit, and i certainly wasn't dubious enough to try and resist.

For some reason we never went back there ever again, but she kept the original note about the date pinned up on her billboard the entire time we were together.
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