DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Wish Survey

You've just found a magic device (ring, lamp, whatever) that will grant you one wish, however the bigger and better the thing you wish for the less likely it is to happen. You're not told what a "reasonable" likely to be granted wish would be. Wishing for something trivial like a buck would definitely be granted, wishing for more wishes definitely wouldn't be. You'll have to use your own judegement for anything inbetween.

These are good wishes, you don't need to worry about being cursed by bad wording. If you say "make me a banana" then you will either recieve a banana or you will not, you don't need to worry about becoming a banana yourself. It's also not a competition in linguistics, you can't lump together two things that are clearly unrelated, "I wish I could fly and had a million dollars," wouldn't be granted. However something closely related, "I wish I had a million dollars and didn't have to pay taxes," would be okay although it would be less likely to be granted than just "I wish I had a million dollars," or "I wish I didn't have to pay taxes," alone.

Feel free to explain your answers, it's more interesting that way.

If you were going to make a "shoot for the moon" wish what would it be? (Something really big that you suspect might not be granted)

I'd want to be immortal. Not just clinically immortal, but the kind where you're higly resistent to being killed too. Like the royal family in Zelazny's Amber series. A better but less well read example would be the people in Robert Reed's Marrow.

Other than wishing to be a god what better wish could you have? =)

If you were going to wish for something that you feel you would have even odds of getting what would it be?
To be the smartest person on the planet. It's kind of a risky wish though since "smartest" isn't very well defined. However it's not _too_ unreasonable to wish for, after all it wouldn't really be asking for something unnatural, I'd just end up just a smidge smarter than whoever the current smartest person is.

What would you wish for if you wanted to be fairly sure that it would be granted?
Financial security. I'd want a house somewhere (preferably either in southern california or washington) and enough money in my bank account to pay the taxes on it and support myself in a reasonble manner for the rest of my life even if i never worked again. I would think that this would be a fairly simple wish to grant, money and property are pretty mundane things, and the amount i'm talking about really isn't that large.

What is something that you would be really tempted to wish for, but on second thought probably wouldn't?
True love. But i don't know how it would be granted. I don't even really know what true love is. If the wish just caused someone else and i to fall madly in love would that really count? I'm not sure that i would want the wish screwing with my or other's emotions, and if it just brought out feelings that were already there it would be a waste of a wish wouldn't it?

Which of these wishes would you actually make?
To be the smartest person on the planet. I'd want to have at least some chance of the wish being granted, but wishing for something mundane like money even though i'd be more likely to get it seems kind of like a waste. I'd rather wish for something that i couldn't get naturally on my own.

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