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Books: "The Cloud Roads" and "Mockingjay"

I just finished up Martha Wells' "The Cloud Roads". Most of the other books of hers i've read have been about 50/50 fantasy and steampunk. The Cloud Roads is about 90% fantasy and 10% steampunk. It's also interesting because there about a bajillion races living in this world. Only a couple of those races are given particular attention, but another three or four are mentioned in passing, and it's implied that that's only scratching the surface. These races seem to come in all shapes, sizes and colors. If you show up in a town or city you can be covered in fur, or have horns, or have the complexion of a popular primary color (as a random, non-specific example) or whatever, and they'll probably just shrug and figure you're from a ways off. As long as you don't have wings. If you have wings they may mistake you for a Fell, a rather vicious and nasty bunch. This is a problem for the protagonist Moon, because he's a shape-shifter. Shape-shifting itself isn't that uncommon, but he's, well, pretty much a were-dragon, albeit of a relatively small (for a dragon anyways) and non-fire breathing kind. And of course, this being a fantasy novel and all, he's an orphan who's not really sure what exactly he's supposed to be.

Of course i'm a sucker for were-things and world building, so i loved the book. Oh, and i noted a couple of times when i thought a checkov's gun was about to come into play, and the protagonist wonders "i wonder if they're about to use that chekov's gun," which makes me happy. I hate it when the characters act completely naive and unable to add two and two. And without saying too much about the later plot, let's just say i'm also always in favor of the girl being in charge *cough* :) Also for the Audible version i thought the voice actor did a pretty good job at characterizations. I'm definitely going to be waiting for the next book in the series.

And now that i'm done with that i need a new book for my commute, and i decided to listen to everyone's demands (okay, coraa's mild leaning towards) and get Mockingjay, so that's what i'm going to be starting now.
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