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Friday Fun Stuff

Have you seen Tron: Legacy yet? If not you should. (Tron Legacy and John Carter, two great tasting SF films that the critics loved to hate =P) But anyways, even if you haven't seen it this performance by a japanese dance team called "Wrecking Crew Orchestra" is pretty awesome.

I think i've linked to Lindsey Stirling's (aka cute geeky violin girl) Zelda video before. Well now she's done a Lord of the Rings video as well. It's not _quite_ as awesome as the Zelda one IMHO, (*cough* she looked a lot cuter and geekier in the zelda outfit than in a dress *cough*) but it's still pretty geeky and awesome :)

(And as usual, i'm getting all my awesome video references from Topless Robot, still need to find more sites like that.)
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