DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday fun stuff, aka John Carter and the Game of Thrones

Hopefully we're going to get to see John Carter this evening, but i'm kind of sad that over the last week the Rotten Tomatoes average has gradually declined from 75% to 50%. That doesn't mean it's going to suck (Tron Legacy and Sucker Punch both got lousy scores and we liked those) but it does make me less hopeful.

So to cheer myself up i'm going to try out this G+ +1 thing to try linking to something cool, namely a collection of three Game of Thrones videos, consisting of one cool trailer, one okay mash-up of the previous trailer with Disney characters, and one incredibly awesome clip of the Game of Thrones themed Simpsons opening they did last week. (I think someone else already linked to the last, but it's worth watching twice =)

Cross-posted from here for once :)
Tags: fun stuff

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