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Hunger Games/Catching Fire post part 2

Well i finished up "Catching Fire." Before i get to the spoilery bit, i now have to decide what to get from Audible this month. I'm currently torn between "Mockingjay" (the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy for those who don't know) Ellen Kushner's "Swordspoint," and Robin Hobb's "City of Dragons" (the third book in her Rain Wilds series.)

I just started Martha Wells' "The Cloud Roads" though, so i've got a little bit of time before i have to decide :)

So, spoilers for "Catching Fire":

Looks like most of my guesses were pretty close to the mark. Of course that's not too hard to do if you just wait until the book is three-quarters done and most of your wilder speculations have already been disproven :)

I am surprised about how rushed things got right at the end, particularly the revelation about the escape plan and District 13. I'm also a little surprised that the game master was already hooked up to District 13. I was figuring that either District 13 or the fifth column of rebels in the capital would be saved as a deus ex machina for the third book, but apparently they're at least partly one and the same and are already out in the open, at least as far as the reader is concerned.

I didn't quite expect the idea that Peeta would get caught by the Capital. My brain was kind of in a binary state of "either everyone's going to die in the games but Katniss, or they're going to escape, it wouldn't make sense for Peeta to die, so they're going to escape." Of course from the dramatic point of view Petah alive but in captivity is just as good as him escaping with the rest.

I don't really have any predictions for the third book other than the fighting will continue, the Capital will seem to be prevailing and things will look grim, and then some deus ex machina will show up and save them. I am hoping that at least a little bit more about the world will be revealed. What was the apocalypse that wiped out most of the people on the planet? Is North America really the only spot left with anyone alive? Or maybe after the uprisings have caused enough trouble the deus ex machina will be some European or African or Asian federation showing up to liberate everyone.
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