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09 January 2002 @ 11:11 pm
I don't know whether i feel more hollow inside or the world seems more empty outside. I'm not sure if i should be crushing inwards or exploding out into the void.

I didn't wake up till 1 or 2 today. Once i got up i spent some time reading and some time online on irc and talking to kialyn.

I went to the mall at about 8 to get some dinner. I was planing on going to Borders afterwards and i wanted to try getting some CDs at hot topic.

I went through Robinson's May as usual and morna was there so i waved hi to her.

When i got to hot topic i found that two of the CDs i'd been thinking of getting before had been sold =( I got the third one though and went to get some food.

I ate way too much, a big thing of potato skins and four krispy kreme donuts.

I stoped to talk to morna on my way out since there was nobody left in her section, and then went to borders.

I was looking for a book on C that was recomended to me, but couldn't find it, so i got some manga instead.

I went to the cafe area and got some coffee and read the manga. There were a few cute girls around the store, but i wa too depressed to really even think about how i could try striking up a conversation with any of them.

I _should_ try to go to bed early tonight, though i don't know if i'll manage it. My best friend is (hopefully) driving up to visit tomorrow! *bounce* I got to talk to her on the phone today too which was also nice =) I hadn't talked to her (other than over the internet) or seen her in about a year and a half.