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Predicting things (The Hunger Game series)

Whenever i'm consuming some form of media i usually have a hard time preventing my brain from running ahead and trying to figure out what's going to happen next. Okay, to be fair it's not like i actually try to stop my brain from doing that, i view it as a kind of fun game. Sometimes i'm right on, sometimes i'm way off. Often i'll have multiple competing theories going on at the same time.

Currently i'm about three quarters (i'm guessing) of the way through "Catching Fire," the sequel to "The Hunger Games." I've got some guesses for the rest of this book and the next one.

(And yes, i'm listening to the audiobook, so i'm sure my spellings are way off =P)

The "surprise" halfway through Catching Fire didn't surprise me at all. I'm not sure if i'd read a spoiler somewhere or had just made the assumption at some point that of _course_ they were going to end up back in the arena. (My unsurety about that is part of what's making me want to write my current guesses down now.) It just seemed like such a big deal had been made about how having survived once they were now safe, and yet in order for there to be sufficient drama it seemed like there would either have to be another games or a rebellion, so when they started talking about how the rules get changed during the quells....

My first guess about what was going to happen in the games was that everyone would in fact just refuse to fight. It seemed much more likely to me that a bunch of people who had already survived once, were friends with each other, and knew the government was trying to screw them over (even more than usual) might try to do that. I can't remember if the first book mentioned if anyone had ever done that before and if so what the capital had done to try and dissuade repeats.

So once that fell through i agree with Katness, it definitely seems like the people Hamich secretly teamed them up with are trying to keep Peter alive. It's possible her theory that it's because Peter would make a good figurehead for the rebellion is true. However to me it seems to me that they're trying to keep her alive as well. One possibility is that the people they're allied with have decided that the best way to stick it to the government is to recapitulate the end of the first games, by leaving Peter and Katness as the last two alive.

I'm pretty sure that both Katness and Peter _are_ going to survive though, and it seems unlikely that the government would allow that to happen again given their druthers. It also seems like the swimming dude who they allied with first is being set up as too much of a sympathetic character. So the theory i'm currently running with is that there's going to be a jailbreak. I'm not sure if Hamich is aware of it (or in charge of it) or not, and i'm not sure if the other people in the allied group are aware of it or not. I'm also not sure if it's going to just be the outside group breaking in, or if they people inside are going to have to do something from inside to help break out (if so, it seems like it will most likely involve the holes in the force fields that keep getting brought up.)

I figure there are two ways this will play out in the third book. Either the jailbreak is by District 13, in which case Katness, Peter, and anyone else left at that point will get to see District 13 from the inside as the new rebellion breaks out. Alternately, it may be a "homegrown" rebellion faction, and the third book will focus on them getting their ass kicked by the capital until District 13 shows up near the end for an "attention all planets of the Solar Federation, we have assumed control" type moment.

In either case it seems certain to me that District 13 is going to play a part in things, Katness was just too dismissive of the possibility of District 13 still being around for it not to be true :) Likewise i think the game master is definitely part of some Capital underground movement since Katness so blatantly missed the possibilities of what him flashing a Mockingjay sign at her might mean. She's pretty reliable at missing the major spoilers when foreshadowing hints are dropped for the benefit of the reader :) I'm just not sure yet if he was just trying to help her survive as a "screw you" gesture towards the government, or if he's actually involved in the jailbreak.
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